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Commercial Recycling

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Convenient Commercial Recycling

Eagle Disposal offers convenient commercial recycling for the local areas we serve. Make your business a steward of your community and our planet. Commercial waste recycling reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfills and saves the energy needed to reproduce these same materials.

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Advanced Processing Technologies

Let us show you the Eagle Disposal difference. Our advanced processing technologies recover waste efficiently and cost-effectively. Call us today at 717.355.9560 or fill out our request a Commercial Recycling quote form to start your commercial recycling services.

Benefits Of A Commercial Recycling Program

Businesses and their communities benefit from commercial recycling programs. At Eagle Disposal, we’re committed to improving the environment, and commercial recycling is a big part of the initiative. Since our employees live and work in their local communities, we’re proud to offer sustainable commercial recycling services.

As environmental issues become more prominent, employees are becoming increasingly conscious about how their actions impact the environment. Employees want to work for a company that aligns with their values. Companies with waste recycling programs can find and retain better employees.

Consumers want to buy from companies that align with their values, too. Starting a commercial recycling program creates goodwill with your customers and improves public perception.

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What Can I Recycle?

Eagle Disposal will pick up a variety of recyclable items:

  • Plastic - beverage bottles, jugs, jars, and many types of food containers
  • Paper - newspaper, magazines, books, and office paper
  • Glass - most bottles, jugs, and jars
  • Metal - aluminum and steel cans and bottles

Eagle Disposal offers two types of commercial recycling: single-stream and cardboard-only.

Eagle Disposal makes commercial recycling easy and convenient with single-stream recycling services. With single-stream recycling, there is no need for sorting your recycling. Put all your recyclables in the same container - saving you and your employees time!

Cardboard-only commercial waste recycling is for businesses with a lot of cardboard waste. It’s an excellent addition to regular commercial recycling for retail stores, restaurants, and shopping malls.

Start Your Commercial Waste Recycling Services With Eagle Disposal Today

Eagle Disposal is committed to responsible waste management. Start your commercial waste recycling service with us today. Call us at 717.355.9560 or request a Commercial Recycling quote on our website.

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